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The company has long adhered to the people-oriented employment concept, committed to creating an inclusive, equal, mutual trust, collaborative work environment, to provide employees with a stage to show their talents. We pursue legitimate human resources policies and regulations, build a good growth platform for employees at all levels, and strive to build a human resources development system suitable for comprehensive international energy companies at the world level.
Employees are the company's precious wealth, so we actively promote and improve the staff compensation, welfare and insurance system. Further refine the economic value added and the performance appraisal of the whole staff, according to the company's overall objectives and the characteristics of the enterprises, the implementation of differentiated appraisal, improve the pertinence and effectiveness of the appraisal. Continuously adjusting the rational distribution of income, incentive and restraint effect is more obvious.

The Mission of Human Resources Strategy: Cultivating High-quality First Strategic Resources
The company regards human resources as the first important resource of enterprise strategic resources. In order to keep the company going, we should strive to build a high-quality staff team that faithfully implements the company's development strategy and achieves the company's development goals.

Talent Training Principle: Combining Individual Goal with Enterprise Goal
The company respects every employee, encourages and helps them to make personal career plans, so as to integrate personal development goals with enterprise development goals. At the same time of the company's development and growth, the staff's talents are fully brought into play, personal ideals are well realized, personal abilities are continuously improved, and personal ideological realm and sentiment are continuously sublimated. Thus, a team of patriotic, law-abiding, dedicated, qualified and highly skilled employees will be established.

The Principle of Team Building: Human Resource Management of Whole Staff
The quality of human resources in enterprises depends on the quality of every employee. The company strives to do a good job in the construction of four teams of enterprises: a company management team with strategic vision, able to control the overall situation and lead the enterprise; a technical team with active ideas, strong foundation, innovative ideas, always tracking the advanced technology, grasping and constantly enriching the core technology of the enterprise; a team of industrial workers who are good at learning, advanced in their work and hard working; A team of middle-level managers who are conscientious and good at applying modern management methods.

Principle of Selecting and Employing Persons: Combining Virtue and Talent, Competitive Selection
In talent selection, the company puts "virtue" in the first place, requiring the company's people to first patriotism, patriotism, dedication, and willingness to dedicate their talents to the company's cause for a long time; in talent selection and use, the system of competitive induction is implemented, striving to achieve equality before opportunities; at the same time, the system of periodic and irregular combination of assessment is implemented to evaluate all employees on the job. Do the best, the fittest stay, the mediocre go, the poor go.

Training Principle: Combining Lifelong Continuing Education with Academic Education
The company regards training as an important part of building a high-quality staff, adheres to the lifelong education system for all staff, helps staff constantly update their knowledge and continuously improve their quality level. At the same time, the amateur education system has been established, requiring employees to continuously improve their academic level on the basis of the original.